• We encourage members to show up early and do a personal warm-up/mobility to suit their needs and the workout of the day.
  • The coach will start the warm-up promptly at class start time.
  • The warm-up will be an instructor led group dynamic warm-up, to include mobility pieces correlating to the workout.
  • The warm-up should last for about 10 minutes.
  • Upon completion of warm-up, the coach gathers class around whiteboard and briefs the workout.
  • The coach then demonstrates every movement along with points of performance to class.
  • After demonstrating, the coach will walk the class through each movement. This is the point where the coach will identify scale options for individuals not able to meet points of performance for the movement. At no time will a client perform an unsatisfactory movement. We want to reinforce positive, correct movement to maximize the clients progress as well as minimize injury.
  • We allow members time to practice and warm-up heavy movements.